What Is a 3D Pregnancy Ultrasound?

Not long ago, parents couldn’t see their babies until birth. Today, with the invention of sonography, we are able to capture remarkable images of your child within the womb. See your baby with clarity and precision by scheduling a 3D pregnancy ultrasound. By taking multiple 2D images from different angles, our software program puts together an accurate picture of your baby.

In most cases, there is no medical benefit to 3D ultrasounds over standard images. However, sometimes the high-definition images can reveal potential problems, such as physical abnormalities or cleft palates. Our doctor can advise you on whether a traditional ultrasound or a 3D ultrasound is a good choice for you.

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Are Pregnancy Ultrasounds Important to Have?

Prenatal checkups are important – for you and your unborn child. Still, they cannot see what’s going on inside your womb. Pregnancy ultrasounds use sonography (sound waves) to determine a number of factors related to your baby’s health, size, sex, physical abnormalities, and location in the womb. It’s especially important to set up an ultrasound schedule if you have diabetes or hypertension to ensure the continual health of your baby.

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