How Does an Implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator Work?

Thanks to medical innovations, people today are living longer and healthier than ever. Even if you have a serious heart condition, you can still enjoy a happy, healthy life. An implantable cardioverter defibrillator is a small device that is placed under the skin. The device has leads that are connected to one or more chambers in your heart. If your heart beats chaotically or stops altogether, the ICD sends an electric charge to restore its rhythm.

Newer cardioverter defibrillators have a dual function. They not only send an electric shock to your heart, but they also serve as a pacemaker – keeping your heart rhythm consistent. It stimulates the heart to beat at a normal pace.

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When to See Our Skilled ICD Surgeons

Unlike heart surgery, placing an ICD is a relatively minor procedure. As experienced ICD surgeons, we have successfully placed these devices in many patients. During surgery, and while you are under anesthetic, we attach the ends of the leads to your heart. After doing so, we securely implant the device under the skin. After implantation, our cardiologists test the device and program it based on your specific heart rhythm problem. If you have ventricular tachycardia, atrial fibrillation, or other heart problems, then consult with our physicians today. Consult with our experienced ICD surgeons to see if an implantable defibrillator is right for you.

Portable, Automated External Defibrillator

Be prepared if you or a loved one has a serious heart condition. With an automated external defibrillator, you can administer a life-saving electric pulse to anyone who has had a cardiac arrest. Similar to an implantable defibrillator, an AED device provides an electric shock to restore normal rhythm. It is completely portable, which means you can take it anywhere. In the event of a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA), you can use the device to get someone’s heart beating again.

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